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You are appreciated! You are valued! You are loved!

Thank you for the time and love and dedication you put into your Small Group. Our ultimate goal is to equip you to become a source of encouragement for your group. In return, you’ll be able to help build your group into a place of accountability, belonging, and comfort for one another. We hope this page provides you with the valuable leadership resources needed for you be the best Small Group Leader we know you can be! And, at the same time, encourages you to continually move forward in your own faith journey and discipleship.

Check back often to see what new resources we’ve shared!

If there’s anything else you need please get in touch with your Coach, Malcolm or Gemma.

Or if you’ve come across this page and you’re interested in becoming a Small Group Leader, scroll to the bottom for more info – we’d love to chat with you!

Engaging your group

Icebreakers are a simple and fun way to begin helping people bond

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Games can help group members get to know each other better

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Equipping your group

Where is God already at work and how do I join Him in what He is already doing?

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We can all learn to communicate more effectively. Celeste Headlee points out the 10 basic rules of communication.

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There are 2 practices that we can engage in, that open the way to deeper fellowship or shared life with God and others.

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Supporting your group

Asking good questions is one of the most important skills a Leader can develop.

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10 thoughts from Scott to help you navigate conversations that may arise regarding suffering

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Check out our user guides and videos to help you be a better Zoom facilitator and participant

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Scott explains the ‘what’, ‘why’ and heart behind our new fortnightly rhythm

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Learning to hear from God and obey Him is part of the very heart of discipleship – Jesus said
“teach them to obey.”

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Share these simple questions with your family and friends when their / you emotional and spiritual health are of concern.

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Justice Reset resources

2020 Ethical Fashion Guide - COVID Edition
Life Care Christmas Appeal Party
Partnership with Georges River Life Care
Pray Fast Speak


The 'Halve to Double' Christmas


Create Your Own
Every time your name comes up in my prayers, I say, “Oh, thank you, God!” I keep hearing of the love and faith you have for Jesus, which brims over to other believers. And I keep praying that this faith we hold in common keeps showing up in the good things we do, and that people recognise Christ in all of it. Friend, you have no idea how good your love makes me feel, doubly so when I see your hospitality to fellow believers. Philemon 1:4-7

Becoming a Small Group Leader

Not much more will make us happier than hearing that you’re considering becoming a Small Group Leader! Please feel free to check out the resources below to learn more about what’s involved in being a Small Group Leader, what we would expect from you, and what you can expect from us supporting you in this important role.

Please also reach out to Lara or Malcolm to have an initial chat about what this all means.

GRLC specific

Find Discussion Guides and COVID-safe guidelines on the Small Groups Hub

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Read, reflect, pray and apply to grow your in your discipleship with Jesus, every day

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Our online hub is where you’ll find the latest sermon, transcripts, and other helpful resources.

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