Discipleship Resources

What is ‘Discipleship’?

Discipleship is my life being renewed with Jesus, for Jesus, and through Jesus

Discipleship in my life looks intentional, holistic, communal, selfless and missional

Discipleship Resources Hub

The Discipleship Resources Hub exists to equip disciples into maturing and making disciples. The resources are focussed on equipping people not just what to ‘do’, but in ‘how’ these daily disciplines can lead to consistent transformation.

Living It Out

We want to empower you in a daily rhythm with 4 of the essential ingredients to a disciples daily life – we call it ‘Living It Out’:

(1) Reading the Bible Daily:
equipping people in how to read the Bible that leads to transformation
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(2) Praying Daily:
equipping people in how to pray to build intimacy and alignment with God
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(3) Reflecting Daily:
equipping people in how to engage with what Holy Spirit is saying and renewing in our lives with key questions from the current series
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(4) Practicing Daily:
equipping people in how to practice following Jesus in their everyday
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Resource Library

We also encourage you to check out the resource library of brilliant videos, readings and seminars on particular subjects that we as a GRLC leadership approve and encourage as formative learnings. See the ‘Engage / Practice’ and ‘Ideas / Think’ sections, below.

As you follow Jesus, we hope that these discipleship resources will equip you in your daily rhythms as a disciple, and empower you to make disciples in your home, workplace and neighbourhood.
If you have any questions about these resources, have a suggestion for the page, or would like to share what God is doing in your life – one of our team would love to take you out for coffee. Get in touch with us by clicking the button below:
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Engage / Practice

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Think / Ideas

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Past Sermon Series

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