Whats Happening at Chipping Norton?

20th – 26th September

Hi CN Site Team!

It was so wonderful to gather at Chipping Norton park once again for our Riverkids. It just seems right when we gather in Chipping Norton whether in small groups, to pray or for our kids pods. 
Let’s Celebrate!
We enjoyed another great weekend with plenty to celebrate. It was great to be with Liverpool Street Kitchen, spending our Saturday night with all the wonderful people we get to connect with and serve. It was also really special to celebrate with our friend and leader of LSK Natalia, who was baptised on the weekend. How great is it to see God working and moving in some of the most difficult times of our world and to partner with Him. He is always good and He is always moving in love. There is plenty to thank God for!
This week:
  1. Sunday Online: This week Scott continues our Reset series with a very important message in Sunday online. Our discipleship resources are also updated for a new fortnight all ready for us to make use of them to grow in our intimacy with Jesus every day. 
  2. Riverkids Online this week, with family discipleship resources made available to all our parents and carers. We are really enjoying the opportunity to practice discipleship as families in the home. Our Riverkids leaders Sophie, Ellen and Taryn are doing a wonderful job at equipping parents to be the primary disciples of our children. Well done to everyone for practicing and prioritising the discipleship of your kids! If you would like some support or to chat through how it is going for you, then Ellen would love to catch up.
  3. Youth Group: All of our Chipping Norton teens are gathering every Friday night of school term at the Life Centre as Georges River Youth. Our teens are amazing and so is our youth team! Contact Jasmine for more info.
  4. Community Connections continues!
    We are really enjoying the opportunity to meet and build relationships with people in the community. Take a hamper, say hello and connect with others. This is great to do with kids and at a time that suits you.
    Contact Ellen for your next step.

Love to you all!


Ps. If you would like to catch up with me for a coffee feel free to contact me via [email protected] anytime!