Volunteering at GRLC

This process is as per our Safe Church Policy – Procedures for Recruitment and Training of Staff and Volunteers endorsed by the NSW and ACT Baptist Association 



Yay you want to serve! For those completing this in early 2021, you are likely already serving but still need to follow this process. 



Your Ministry Leader will email you details specific to your role to complete the process below.

 a. Your Ministry Leader will provide you with a Position Description for your volunteer role. 

 b. Complete the Ministry Screening Questionnaire that all staff and volunteers must complete. 

Ministry screening questionnaire

 c. You will need to watch two induction videos.

Video 1 is for ALL staff and volunteers.

Induction video 1

There are two Induction Videos for section 2 which cover the two different Codes of Conduct – One for those in SERVICE level roles and another video for those in LEADER level roles. Your Ministry Leader will advise which one is relevant to your role.

service level induction video
leader level induction video

 d. You will need to complete a Code of Conduct – either a SERVICE level Code of Conduct or a LEADER level Code of Conduct. Your Ministry Leader will advise which one is relevant to your role.

service level code of conduct
leader level code of conduct

It is best if you complete all items in Step 2 of the process in the order shown above. If you have any questions please ask your Ministry Leader, a member of the Safe Church Team, or one of the Pastors if you have any questions or concerns. 

Please note, this information is captured into a register that is only accessible by Katharine Montoya, Terry McKeown and Sophie Brodie as part of the Safe Church Team. Your Ministry Leader will NOT have access to your information (with the exception of your references) unless there is something that will assist in the interview. If you wish to know more about this process or have a particular concern, please contact Katharine. 




If you are a new volunteer, you will have an interview with the Ministry Leader. This can
look different depending on the role that you will be doing and could be as simple as
a quick phone call. For discipleship based ministries this should be face to face and will explore
more of your faith journey and gifts and ensure you have the opportunity to ask questions.



Ministry leaders will run the applicant through any specific information relevant to their role and ministry. This will look different depending on your role and leadership level and could be a 15 min chat before you start on greeting team, or a longer team meeting if you are becoming a River Kids or Youth Leader 




This step is only applicable to those in relational leadership and/or working with kids and teens. If that is you, you must complete the Creating Safe Spaces Online Module before serving.

You will also need to attend the Creating Safe Spaces Workshop within 9 months of beginning your role.  Your Ministry Leader or a member of the Safe Church Team will contact you with further information about this.



We are required by law to store all these documents for a minimum of 45 years. Our Safe Church Team is storing records in an electronic register using a well known enterprise platform provider. This register is only accessible to three members of the Safe Church Team and no one else. All members of staff and CLT are bound by confidentiality agreements and contents of these forms will not be disclosed unless it forms part of a complaint process or as required by law.