Using Zoom

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Using Zoom

Download a simple user guide to setting up Zoom meetings and using the Zoom platform.

Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Download a simple user guide to setting up and managing breakout rooms during your Zoom meeting.

Do's and Don'ts of Online Meetings

Download a 1-page reference sheet outlining do’s, don’ts and general online meeting etiquette.

5 Tips for leading productive & inclusive Small Group Zoom meetings

If you find yourself organising and leading your Small Group meetings with Zoom for the first time, or with growing frequency, it’s important you take thoughtful steps to plan and conduct the meetings to ensure group members are engaged and included.

Consider these five ways to lead productive and inclusive Zoom meetings…

5 Tips for engaging as an effective Zoom participant

If you’re not used to participating in Zoom meetings, feeling connected and engaged during them may prove challenging.

To ensure you ‘show up’ in your online Small Group meetings (the same as you would in person), consider these five ways to boost your presence and engagement during video conferences…

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