Reflecting on God’s Word

Term 4, 2020 – ‘Justice Reset’ series:


Our goal for this series is that we see the intricate relationship between our discipleship and justice, and what God’s justice for our world looks like. As we do this and step out in ways that challenge us as a church and Small Groups, we will see, think and feel differently about people and situations; we would see, think and feel as Jesus does. What a win if we became a more gracious, generous, compassionate people!

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Episode 2 (Sunday 18 October):
A whole-hearted, and/both kind of life!

This fortnight invites us to dive into Isaiah 58 and explore the relationship between devotion, worship and justice, asking the question: Can we worship God without being people who do justice?

Reflect on these questions over the next fortnight:

When we reflect on the innumerable people in our community and world who suffer injustice, we can feel discouraged – or we can be full of hope. Justice flows from God’s heart and character but we can’t pursue justice in our own strength. It’s the grace of God at work, through the activity of the Spirit in our hearts, that changes us and makes us people of justice. A both/and life – God desires both our worship of him and that we act justly (which is part of our worship).

(1) The passage of Isaiah 58 shows God speaking to a community of people about acts of justice and worship. It clearly and passionately demonstrates that worship and acts of justice are intrinsically linked; and Matt shared that we are to live a both/and kind of life, rather than either/or.

  • How are we, as a faith community, living out a both/and kind of life in worship and through acts of justice?
  • What do you feel God would say to us in this season as a collective people?
  • Do you find you are personally participating in our faith community’s acts of worship and acts of justice?

(2) Matt asked the challenging question: “If someone examined our lives, the totality of our lives, would it be clear that God was at the centre?”

  • What areas of your life do you feel don’t always show God at the centre? Why do you think that there are some areas that do and some that don’t?
  • What would it take for your life to look holistically centred on God? What might be trying to pull you away from that sort of life?

(3) Towards the conclusion of Matt’s sermon, he says, “There are many people across the church globally and in the world that are committed to the idea of justice – that cry out for justice, that advocate for justice on social media – but that aren’t actually working for justice in a meaningful way.”

  • When you do notice injustice in the world and around you, what is the difference from the times you act and the times you hesitate?
  • What seems to propel you into action? What might be wrestling you away from action?
  • Ask God to open your heart and your eyes over this next fortnight to be better able to notice injustice around you – even injustice that you may be unknowingly contributing to (e.g. climate injustice, ethical purchasing, Godly financial stewardship)…

Share your thoughts with one or two people who can keep you on track. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

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