Reflecting on God’s Word


Goals for this series:

Paint a vision of just how good the gospel is - because it is about the King, His kingdom, and our participation within that kingdom through discipleship.
You will be captured/re-captured by this vision, and compelled to wholeheartedly follow Jesus.
Equip each of us as we disciple others.
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Reflection questions:

  1. After watching this fortnight’s sermon, how is your understanding of the gospel expanding through the ‘Kingdom’ series?

  2. What part of your life is God inviting or challenging you to put Jesus as King? (Put another way: Which area of your life is yet to yield to Jesus’ rule?)

  3. How are you participating or cooperating with God in expanding His kingdom (e.g. in your home/family, school/workplace, community/neighbourhood?

[Reflect on and work through these same 3 questions throughout the ‘Kingdom’ series – ideally, together with 1-2 people who can keep you on track. The idea is that some people will need more time to prayerfully identify where God’s invitation / challenge is, and some will need more time to start stepping into His invitation / challenge.]

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