Reading the Bible

We spend more than 95% of our discipleship ‘time’ outside gatherings and Small Groups. Whether that is in our workplace, neighbourhood, home or hobbies – these are the most significant spaces for us to establish great discipleship rhythms. Reading the Bible is a critical practice to a disciple wanting to follow Jesus. It is for these reasons that we want to create opportunities and empower one another to consider how we read our Bibles well in our daily lives. This page is here to encourage you to read daily, and in a way that leads you to Jesus.

Read the gospel of Matthew at least once during term 1 (Jan-Mar 2021)

As you read, ask yourself:

  • Where do you see Jesus’ Kingdom challenging other ‘kingdoms’ (e.g. the Roman Empire, Israel, the temple) as well as people’s personal kingdoms (e.g. the Pharisees, the disciples, the rich, the poor, the Jews, the Gentiles)?


  • My personal kingdom is what I have say over, what’s under my control – including my time, finances, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, as well as my behaviour).
4 guiding principles:
  1. We encourage you to aim to read a few verses or 1 chapter before and after the passage you’re studying, to better glean the context of the main passage. (This is not necessary if reading a whole book of the Bible)
  2. We also encourage you to read from a physical copy of the Bible. Studies show that those people who bring a physical Bible to church services are more likely to also read their Bible in private. The physical copy of the Bible is only used for one thing – reading, studying, and meditating on God’s Word; whereas, using your mobile device or computer can become distracting as it has more than one use. (In lieu of this, of course there are fantastic apps and websites to help you gain access to the Bible)
  3. Read prayerfully, and be ready to listen for what the Spirit is saying to you.
  4. When you sense God might be speaking, write down what you think you heard and be ready to act on it and obey His calling in your daily life.
Helpful resources:

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