2022 Participants

Karen Power

Lily Falkenberg

Ella Falkenberg

Ellen Tyrrell
Glenn Power

Bill Coe

Alessia Esposito

Scott Morrison
Lorena Fazio

Naomi Zrno

Najah Zoabi

Lisa Basaga 

Linh Podetti

Diana Van Breda

Siobhan Beavis

Stephen Davies

Amy Lesleighter

Jack Bray

Rick Brodie

If you would like to support one of our “rough sleepers” by sponsoring them. Follow these steps;

  • Click on “Sponsor a Rough Sleeper” to the left

  • Enter in the amount you wish to sponsor and click continue

  • Enter in your details as at the sponsor and click on “I would like to sponsor a rough sleeper”

  • Fill in the details of the person or family you would like to sponsor. If you would like to let them know you have sponsored them, click on “Yes send an ecard”

  • Fill in the recipienst details if you have them, otherwise admin will let people know that they have been sponsored

  • Lastly click on “Donate Now”