We believe all of life is learning, growing and responding to the love and leadership of Jesus

Did you know that you can go to church and never become a disciple?

The church thing (big Sunday gatherings) is a great expression of our collective connection to Jesus. But that is not the main thing, nor does it constitute ‘success’ for us at GRLC…

What Jesus expressly calls us to is being and making disciples.

Discipleship is a deliberate, whole of life and all of life journey of learning and change. A disciple is simply a ‘learner’; a person being formed into the likeness of their teacher, Jesus. This kind of life in Jesus’ kingdom is worshipful and purposeful.

At GRLC, this is core to our thinking. We are always developing new pathways and opportunities for anyone to step into this lifelong adventure of walking with Jesus.

For more information on what it means to be a disciple, contact Malcolm Campbell – he’d love to have a chat with you!