We believe that creativity has no bounds and work with extraordinary people, giving voice to their stories and abilities.

ArtsLife Access aims to impact the lives of adults and children living with profound and multiple disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum, through the creative arts.

We empower participants by giving them a voice to tell their story and aim to normalise disability and focus on the ability of each participant.

Our workshops are tailored to the specific needs and interests of our participants and we draw upon a range of immersive, multi-sensory and artistic techniques to spark imaginations and build confidence.

At ArtsLife our aims are:
  • Giving a voice to the unheard 
  • Providing a professional creative arts program that caters to the participants individual passions 
  • Transforming the stereotypes around the abilities of the disabled community  
  • Giving access to the wider community to participate in inclusive performances and workshops 
  • Striving for excellence in performance
  • Nurturing a safe environment for all participants .
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The foundation of our work is to uplift a unique and special community of people, motivated by love and grace.
We do lots of different programs but this is my favourite because I see the enthusiasm of each participant. When they come to ArtsLife Access they know that they will get to do a wide range of things. Not just drama but movement, dance, art and they also interact with one another and the facilitators which is really good.’
Sylvanvale Support Worker

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