Hi GRLC Family,

How are you this week? We are all adjusting to a world that looks and feels very foreign and so it is even more important than ever to reach out to one another, to love one another selflessly and consistently. And I have been so encouraged by hearing the hundreds of people in our church that have called, messaged, zoomed and texted one another in this time. It has also been great to see the level of engagement on social media. It feels like the whole church is cheering one another on. Remember, if you are particularly struggling you can  contact our staff team directly through [email protected]

Our two main priorities continue to be:  
1. Connecting and Caring  
Our major priority at this time is to stay connected and to care for one another. Focussing on how we will stay connected without any physical contact.    We are strongly encouraging everyone to not meet in person in any groups. But equally encouraging us all that staying connected is vitally important as the church in any context. We are working to ensure that everyone who is part of GRLC is part of a small group. Our small groups will be our primary place for connection, care and discipleship.   Small groups will be the way we are church in this time.   
For all those currently in a life group we encourage you to keep on checking in with one another, to stay connected and find ways to care for each other in this time.    
If you are not yet in a small group then you can register your interest to join an online/remote group by clicking  HERE.    
2. Mobilising people to make a difference
At GRLC we are committed to loving, supporting and caring for our communities. If you jump over to our website in our  Covid 19 Relief Hub  you will find more information about how we plan to do this as one church and to resource one another in supporting others.  We are excited to share that the relief centre is coming along quickly and we are once again moved this week by the donations that continue to pour in for the most vulnerable in our church and community.  Keep bringing in your food donations because we believe that demand will soon outstrip supply.

Together with Jesus – we can truly make a difference in this time!   Lastly, continue scrolling down to see how we can help support victims of domestic violence through Sleeping Rough at home! And also some of the plans for Easter next weekend!