Sunday 27 May

In March we introduced a new initiative amongst the GRLC family. It is called’ Back For Lunch!

Twice a term, coinciding with our All In Services, we would like to encourage our church family to think about who they might like to invite back for some lunch after the morning service! There is something very special about inviting someone and including them, in a simple meal together.

What might this look like? It might look like inviting someone back to your home to have a simple meal together. Or it might also look like inviting a few people or families to meet up at the local  park somewhere. (Grab the chicken and chips along the way!)

Or what about inviting someone to walk down to Charlie Lovatts cafe together in Stanley Street to have a bite to eat. It might even look like venturing to Grandview Bowling club together just down the road in Lugarno. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, but we would love to see our family taking up this initiative to ask themselves who they might be able to include in their Sunday lunch and share a meal together.

So who do I ask ‘Back For Lunch?’ What about that person you met last week at church for the first time that is trying to get to know people. Or that family you have been meaning to get to know better. Or that older couple or that single person. Everyone loves an invitation and to be included in. Keep it simple! Chicken & chips is ok! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Our next ‘BACK FOR LUNCH’ is Sunday 27 May following the Sunday morning service. Who could you invite back for lunch? Please see or email Lara Watson or Malcolm Campbell if you have any questions or queries.