Why give up a night’s comfortable sleep to bed down on the concrete in a car park? Because for me it’s only one night out of my very comfortable life. Other women are doing this night after night. The stories from women who have experienced DV are shocking and the statistics around DV are terrifying. We need to do something about it as a community. If I can make a difference in just one woman’s life from sleeping in a car park, then I will, and perhaps the discomfort will give me just a glimpse of one aspect of what the life of a homeless woman might look like. Asking for sponsors also gives me an opportunity to talk to my family and at work about what Lifecare does and how my faith community is showing love in practical ways to people. And on the upside, it’s not totally awful! There is a great camaraderie that develops with your fellow sleepers, and plenty of laughter, stories, chatting and food.”  – Sleeping Rough Participant

Sleeping Rough 2018 will be held on Thursday April 19. This annual fund-raising event supports victims of Domestic Violence in our local community.

Participants will sleep in a car park (Littleton St Riverwood opposite Club Rivers.) Showers and toilets are available.

Dinner will be available at Club Rivers for $40pp at 6pmSleep out begins at 8pm with enetratinment from 8.30pm. A BBQ breakfast will be provided.

This years event is open to individuals (minimum $200 in sponsorship), families (minimum $350 in sponsorship) and GR Youth (minimum $100 sponsorship).

To register your interest in this event, please click on the button below.